The concept exposes five stories to wear, five messages related to emotions and belonging, each presenting itself in a different graphic style, specific to each artist.
The messages have the same purpose – to accept and wear our own feelings, which don’t make us less strong, but show us as dignified and real.
The initiative was born from the desire to strengthen the importance of “together”, a concept that evokes solidarity and the value of belonging to groups with common interests – we would not be here today without it.
10% of the revenues from the sale of this collection of bags went to #AsociaţiaAnais, which takes action to modify policies and legislation for the benefit of women.

Material: 100% unbleached, unpainted and untreated cotton.
Size: 35×40×5 cm, straps 65 cm, velcro for closing.

This project was a collab with Bruiaj.

More details here: https://www.bruiajarts.ro/en/all-together/